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Dance for Trains: A Collaboration of Poetry and Movement

Write Action recently participated in this multidisciplinary approach to the topic of 'trains.'



Poem: “Downtown” by Joel Kaemmerlen

Read by: Cyndal Ellis

Choreographer and Performer: Cyndal Ellis

Music: Navab Bigelow and Gray Zabriskie performing



Poem: "Beast" by Arlene Distler

Read by: Arlene Distler, recorded by Rolf Parker~Houghton and mixed by Wes Aldrich

Choreographer: Toni Nagy

Performers: Toni Nagy and Katie Tordonato

Music: “Plateau” by Phaeleh

Vermonters Chasing Fame in the 1890's


Poem: “Vermonters Chasing Fame in the 1890's” by Rolf Parker~Houghton

Read and Recorded by: Rolf Parker~Houghton

Choreographer and Performer: Cyndal Ellis

Music: Navab Bigelow and Gray Zabriskie performing improvisation

Not The Train


Poem: “Not The Train” by Beverly Miller, in memory of Nic Mattingley (Beverly’s son) January 21, 1979~April 21, 2014

Choreographer and Performers: Beverly Miller, MA, DMT and Claire LeMessurier

Sound Effects: Ami Ji Schmid

Observations on a Subway


Poem: “Observations on a Subway” by Meleni Mhlaba Abedo

Read by: Tracy Grissom

Choreographer: Tracy Grissom, director of TraDance Company

Performers: Tracy Grissom and Katie Tordonato of TraDance Company

All Aboard


Poem: “All Aboard” by Lynn Martin

Train Of Change


Poem: Andy Burrows reading “Train Of Change” by T Namaya

Night In An Indian Train Station


Poem: “Night In An Indian Train Station" by Elayne Clift

Sleep Evades Me


Poem: “Sleep Evades Me,” “59 Cars, No Caboose,” and “The Iron Cat – After Sandburg’s ‘Fog’” by Audrey Boerum

Lines written between Oxford and London


Poem: “Lines written between Oxford and London” by Kevin Stine


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