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History Of Write Action

Marty Jezer
Co-founder and first President Marty Jezer

Write Action began in August, 1999 as an ad hoc committee that was formed to organize a benefit reading for a local writer who had the misfortune of having her computer stolen (and no insurance). In late fall of that year, the Common Ground Restaurant hosted a marathon reading, which, combined with a small through-the-mail fund drive, raised enough money for a new computer. The event was attended by over 100 people, and went on past midnight. As a result of that event, the organizers and community became aware of a gaping need: for local writers to come together in a supportive way and share in the struggles and joys of their craft and the fruits of their labors.

Many people championed another event, and Write Action was born.

Welcome Center DisplayWrite Action became incorporated and achieved status as a non-profit organization in 2001.

In the early years, open readings were a mainstay and were held approximately once a season,  creating a heightened presence for the writing community in town. As others -- individuals and writing groups mostly --  have taken up the cudgel and  Write Action has expanded what it does, open readings are not the priority they had been. However, we still make sure we have two or more readings a year.

The Lin Harris-Seares Writers’ Emergency Fund was an important part of Write Action from its inception. Created in 2000, it is named for a leading light in the 1999 ad hoc group’s success, who fell victim to a recurrence of cancer and passed away in  March of 2000. Over the years several small gifts have been made where there was dire need, and where a modest amount could make a difference.

Since the first Brattleboro Literary Festival in 2001, Write Action has  had an important part in planning and organizing this weekend-long annual event.   

Madame Cheri ReadingAlso in 2001, the Write Action Radio Hour was aired on local station Radio Free Brattleboro (rfb). Rob Lawson and Wayne Carhart, two Write Action board members, created the original series. On Sundays its fans gathered at the Twilight Tea Lounge in downtown Brattleboro to listen to the latest program. The tapes were later aired periodically on rfb. Write Action Radio Hour was resurrected in October, 2008, in a new format, and can be heard every Sunday on WVEW at 107.7 fm.

Write Action published an anthology in 2003 of writing from sixty local authors (published and unpublished),read over the previous two years at Write Action events. The publication of The Best of Write Action was made possible through grants from The Crosby Foundation, and through pre-sales of the book. This anthology is considered a classic collection of local writing and is still available through PayPal on this web site.

The Write Action Creative Writing Award was established in 2004, and in 2006 The Marty Jezer Award For Excellence in Journalism was established,  named for our co-founder and first president, noted author, activist, and Reformer columnist Marty Jezer, who passed away in June of 2005. These awards are given annually to a Brattleboro Union High School senior.

Write Action ReadingIn 2005 Write Action joined the Brattleboro area's Alliance For The Arts, a peer support group for arts organizations, to help promote the arts,  particularly the literary arts in Windham County.
Since growing out of that first event in the Autumn of 1999, Write Action has afforded many people an opportunity to share their skill and enjoyment of  writing, and perhaps even, in seeking to  “nurture, encourage, and promote” the literary arts in the Brattleboro community, led some to discover a writer within they didn’t know was there.

Write Action continues to energize the literary life of Brattleboro with collaborative projects, publishing opportunities, events, and news updates that evince an ongoing commitment to the writing community.



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