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Poems in the Time of Covid

Write Action is proud to announce the poetry collection that grew out of Poems Around Town, "Poems in the Time of Covid." This attractive paperback was designed by Write Action board member Andy Burrows, and includes poems by 37 poets from the Brattleboro area and beyond.

Poems Around Town (PAT) is a project of Write Action, with support from Time to Write and the Brattleboro Literary Festival. The April, 2021 event, in which submitted poems were put in shop windows throughout downtown Brattleboro, was organized by board members Arlene Distler, Andy Burrows, Barbara Morrison, and Toni Ortner.

We are excited about this very attractive collection generated by a debut local event. Taken together its many fine poems document our collective soul during a historic and trying time that has connected us to the world and one another.

To quote from a review by Chard DeNiord:

Many of the poems in Poems in the Time of Covid witness to life in the face of over 688,000 Covid casualties and counting nationwide. They comprise the vital expression of local voices that echo in the streets and purlieus of Brattleboro and beyond with imagery, reports, conclusions, minutiae, elegies, memories, revelations, and news that stays news in an unprecedented time when we need to hear even the slightest whispers from each other.

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