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A word about becoming a Write Action subscriber:

There are currently no dues or duties involved in becoming a Write Action subscriber. All you need to do to get the (approximately) weekly newsletter listing literary events and opportunities in the area, is to send your email address to: info@writeaction.org.

We occasionally do a snail-mailing, so sending us your mailing address would help also.

If you've a question, a request, or would like to post an event, please put it to the attention of Eric Blomquist.

NEW!   Write Action Member Pages

Pay For Write Action Member Page

Have an internet presence without the expense and hassle of creating a website!

Write Action announces a new networking opportunity: subscribers (that is you) can have a  page on the Write Action  web site that can include sample writing, bio, contact information, web link, and anything else pertinent to your literary life. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! Simply send attachments with the info you want included and our web mavens at MuseArts will set up your page. Send page contents, preferably as Word attachments, and images as JPG’s to:

A member page has a single lifetime cost of $50. Each subscriber is entitled to one free update a year. More than that will cost $15 per update.

A simple directory listing with web link or other contact info is free.

View examples by clicking on any of the listed members' pages in the left sidebar above.

Payment is by check to Write Action: PO Box 822, Brattleboro, Vt 05302; or on-line at PayPal, at www.writeaction.net.

Upon receipt of payment, contents will be posted (allowing a couple of days for web manager to construct the page).

The Write Action web site has a link on the Literary Festival web site, and will soon be part of the now-being-created Arts Council of Windham County web site, among others. A great way to get word out about your writing, to increase your visibility, network, etc.
Accessible through Google.

This will help Write Action by letting more people know about the organization, and will help you to get the word out about your writing.

Questions? Email info@writeaction.org




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