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Literary Contest

15th Annual Write Action Literary Contest

2017 Write Action Poetry & Prose Contest winners:

Winners of the 2017 Write Action Poetry and Prose Contest were announced at this year's annual picnic by Judges Joe Mazur (prose) and James Kate (poetry).


1st place: Elayne Clift for “Navigating the Unknown"
2nd place: Steve Lloyd for “Like Any Boy"
3rd place: Andy Reichsman for "Winter"


1st place: Beneath Goldschmidt-Sauer for “Dream” (for HFC, 1959-1977)
2nd place: Lynn Valente for “The Wind”
Tied for 2nd place (no third place): Melinda Underwood for "What iIf What If Is True?"

Nancy Olson chose Olivia Howe as winner in both youth poetry and youth prose categories for “By the Garden” and “June;” and in prose for “He Called Himself Randall Peeples"

First place winners in all three categories will read at the Literary Festival Spotlight Reading, a Write Action organized event, on Saturday, October 14th, 11:00-12:15 in the River Garden, Main Street, in Brattleboro.


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